Php With Angular

Php With Angular

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a programming language to develop the server side web applications. This programming language is very easy to learn. Being an open source any individual can easily develop a web application. It has become a very vast platform now for all kind free sourcing development. As like the ASP.NET’s or the HTML’s PHP also has the same developing priorities but in different aspect of their backend workspace. This backend workspace plays a very vital role in the development of a web technology as it allows one to keep the era updated with a huge database. For getting knowledge about the course completely all you need is a prior institute that can provide with the best in short term period so that easily an individual can be prepared to develop a web server side application in a very consumable limit of time being six months.DUCATprovides the best known experienced faculties with a vast sea of knowledge about their particular stream. The institute also provides with live projects within this Six Months that is the most useful for a company employee profile. Register soon in DUCAT to get the best for a better career in the professional world.

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    What you will Be Able to Achieve During This Course
    Who Should Attend
    Hands-On Training
    Introductory Session
    Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
    HTML5 New Tags
    Style Sheet (CSS)
    Bootstrap (Responsive Design)
    Creating a Web Layout using Div’s , CSS & Bootstrap
    PHP language building blocks
    Conditional Statements
    Looping (Iteration)
    Introducing ARRAY
    Manipulation user input
    Reusing Code and Functions
    JavaScript (JS)
    Introducing with the file system and the Server
    File Uploading & Downloading.
    State Management
    MySQL Database
    Database Connection
    Jquery with AJAX
    Object Oriented PHP
    Advance PHP Techniques
    Developing a dynamic web application
    Web Hosting

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    Introduction to CodeIgniter
    Why Framework
    Introduction to MVC
    Folder Structure
    Configuration Setting
    Form Validation , Session , Pagination , Uploading
    Autoload Configuration Setting
    How to Remove index.php in URL
    Security Features
    Project Implementation in Code Igniter

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    Introduction of Laravel PHP Framework
    Setting up a sample project ‘ Hello World ‘
    HTML to Laravel Blade Syntax
    Using Forms and Gathering Input
    Using Controllers and Routes for URLs
    Database Connectivity
    Security & Session
    Laravel Project : (Any Project)

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    Creating Content with WordPress
    Customizing Your Wordpres Site
    Wordpress Site Management
    Wordpress Setting
    Theme Customization
    Wordpress Plugins
    Implementing Woo Commerce

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    Magento introduction , installation
    Installing,Setup a theme
    Magento Directory Structure
    Categories,Subcategories and products
    Creating products
    Block, Widgets, CMS PAGE
    Creating Multiple Store
    Creating Multi Language Site
    Using some free Extensions/Modules

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    First Things First
    Introduction to Components
    Templates, Interpolation, and Directives
    Data Binding & Pipes
    More on Components
    Building Nested Components
    Retrieving Data Using HTTP
    Navigation and Routing Basics
    Navigation and Routing Additional Techniques
    Angular 2 Setup Revisited
    Project Implementation With Angular & Php



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